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Why you don’t want to live near a US nuclear power plant

Japan’s tsunami and subsequent nuclear disasters have placed nuclear power under the spotlight. Germany has announced its intentions to abandon nuclear power, Spain is threatening to follow suit and all across Europe governments are turning their attention to renewable energy solutions. The US, however, is still firmly on a nuclear path, a path which has … Continue reading

The world’s most endangered cat

Do you know what the world’s most endangered cat is? Neither did I, don’t worry. The Iberian lynx is in danger of extinction because of habitat destruction, hunting, a lack of prey to feed on and ignorance. A decade ago there were just one hundred of the beautiful felines left in the world. But the … Continue reading

Liquid cremation: a greener way to get rid of bodies

Have you thought about how you want your body to be disposed of when you die? It’s not the nicest topic to have on your mind but with the recent development of a new method to get rid of bodies the issue is causing quite a debate. There are a number of ways to have … Continue reading

PETA’s sexiest vegetarian competition

Are you a vegetarian? Are you sexy? Well then PETA wants you. In a unique approach to widening the appeal of eating less meat and more vegetables the People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) group hold an annual contest to decide who the sexiest vegetarian next door is. The mindset behind eating less … Continue reading

Ways for students to save money and live green

Students around the world often live on a tight budget. What little money they make from a part-time job or generous parents goes towards partying and, sometimes, food. This is the best time for a student to work on saving money and simultaneously learning about how to live green. Lloyd Alter of Team Treehugger reports … Continue reading

World Water Day and eco-friendly desalination

World Water Day (WWD) was on 22 March (two days ago); it’s a day on which the world is called upon to be water-wise. A press release sent to me from the International Relief and Development movement states that every 20 seconds a child dies due to a lack of clean water. WWD is a … Continue reading

Sustainable seafood

If you eat seafood you probably enjoy an evening out with friends at a restaurant, indulging in a bowl of mussels or a savoury piece of tuna. But do you pay heed to the growing issues surrounding the seafood industry? Probably not. Organisations and movements around the world that focus on supporting a shift in … Continue reading

Kite-flying over the ocean can save fuel

Imagine we had to rely on kites to get us from A to B. The use of wind power would do wonders for the high levels of carbon emissions but it would be fairly difficult to ensure wind speeds and direction every time you wanted to run down to your local grocery store, especially with … Continue reading

Green escalators are on-demand

We find escalators in a number of settings including shopping malls, airports and even in the work place. They are convenient for people who are older or unfit but the continual loop of the metal steps wastes energy if the device is not being used. So how can this waste be prevented? There is one … Continue reading

Farms in the city

It used to be that the countryside was all there really was. Towns were quaint and non-destructive, the pace of life was good for the heart and farming was a beautiful livelihood.There were no skyscrapers, apartment blocks or rush-hour traffic. Today, with the progression of technology and urban sprawl, the closest most people get to … Continue reading